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Date: Jul 1, 2024

Location: Pune, MH, IN

Company: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

HMH India
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) is a learning technology company committed to delivering
connected solutions that engage learners, empower educators and improve student
outcomes. As a leading provider of K–12 core curriculum, supplemental and intervention
solutions, and professional learning services, HMH partners with educators and school
districts to uncover solutions that unlock students’ potential and extend teachers’ capabilities.
HMH serves more than 50 million students and 4 million educators in 150 countries.
HMH Technology India Pvt. Ltd. is our technology and innovation arm in India focused on
developing novel products and solutions using cutting-edge technology to better serve our
clients globally. HMH aims to help employees grow as people, and not just as professionals.


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Position Overview

We are seeking experienced, passionate, full- stack Solutions Architect to lead the architectural evolution of our product lines and products, based on our application platforms.


We are NOT soliciting the applications from the Sales Solutions Architects or Customer Success Architects.


You must have around 5 years experience as an Architect, and around 14 eyars experience working with technology.


Coding and Mentoring experience is also essential. 


Java, Spring Boot and AWS are only 3 of the essential skills (see more on the JD below)



Architectural Leadership


  • Steward and steer the architectural re- factoring and the evolution of one or more products, leveraging the understanding of the application platforms and the product lines with emphasis on Pattern- Oriented Software Architecture (POSA).
  • Work with the application platform teams for asserting, negotiating and converging on the platform support for the assigned product(s).
  • Drive and obtain the buy- in for the architectural decisions based on the acceptable tradeoffs and constraints.
  • Communicate the consequences of the architectural tradeoffs with the stakeholders, and design to offset their impacts to the possible extents


System Design

  • Collaborate with the product owners, the product managers, and the lead architects to de- constitute and re- constitute the architecture, components, modules, and interfaces of the assigned product(s).
  • Follow the JIRA- based scrum methods for agile iterations and release cadence.


Architectural Qualities

  • Lead the product team(s) for delivering the solutions that enable the products for large- scale data processing, high fault- tolerance, high availability, high scalability, low latency, and optimal performance to assure fulfilling the expectations of the business.
  • Inculcate the DevSecOps culture into the architecture, development, and the operations processes, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations and safeguarding user data.


Continuous Architecture

  • Identify system bottlenecks, design optimizations, and implement enhancements to continually improve the computing efficiencies of the products.
  • Apply design changes and ensure compatibility of the assigned product(s) with the other products from diverse product lines across multiple platforms


Technology Conformance

  • Ensure the coherence and alignment with the enterprise technology stacks, including the off- the- shelf products, and 3rd- party frameworks and libraries.
  • Follow and / or tailor the technology prescriptions to enhance system capabilities.



Efficiently capitalize on the design review sessions to communicate the solutions architecture, and document the design diagrams, architectural decision logs, and guidelines for development teams using Confluence.



Work hands- on with the software engineers, the technical leads, and the delivery leads to assimilate the requirements, establish development best practices, and provide technical guidance throughout the development lifecycle.


Code Reviews

Conduct code reviews to remediate design violations, institute the programming paradigms, e.g., reactive programming and design- by- contracts, language- specific idioms, for example, using Optional and EntrySets, and programming conventions, and overall software quality.



Bachelors’ or Masters’ degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field.



Certified AWS Cloud Solutions Architect (Associate) will be highly preferred.



  • Explainable credentials of software architecture experience around 7+ years, with a focus on designing, building, and maintaining complex, large-scale systems with intrinsic multi- tenant SaaS characteristics.
  • Hands- on product architecture and design experience especially for handling architectural evolution and re- factoring of the brown- field software.
  • Substantial experience with microservices, containerization, serverless, and cloud-native technologies.
  • Cloud platforms specifically AWS and the cloud services namely EKS, API Gateway, Lambda, RDS, Aurora, S3, EFS, WAF, Route 53, Interface / Gateway Endpoints, and VPC.
  • Reasonable experience of provisioning the infrastructure or working with the infrastructure teams employing Terraform
  • Reasonable experience of deploying K8s- based workloads employing Helm, and DevOps using Concourse CI and JFrog Artifactory.


Proficiencies for at- least two of following technical tiers is required:

Presentation Tier

  • Significant exposure and experience working with the React JS- based UI / UX.
  • Comfort levels with the Single SPA meta- framework, UI Containers / Shell Apps, Webpack, and pluggable micro- frontends.


Business Tier

  • Very strong experience developing the microservices with the Spring Boot and Reactor.
  • Significant experience building, assessing, consuming, and refining the REST and GraphQL preferably using Apollo.


Reporting Tier

  • Highly significant experience working with commonly used Reporting / BI tooling.
  • Exposure to working with reporting platforms, either in- house or off- the- shelf.


Highly Preferred

  • Exposure to Data Engineering using Apache Spark and with the Data Pipelines using Apache Airflow.
  • Familiarity with commonly used Data Analytics and Data Warehouse tooling, e.g., Snowflake warehouse.


Persistence Tier

  • Strong experience working with JPA and Hibernate.


Data Tier

  • Significant experience developing against PostgreSQL; MongoDB is definite plus.
  • Solid understanding of the data models for SQL and NOSQL Databases


Programming Languages

  • Proficiency in Java; Python is definite plus.



Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to address complex technical challenges.



Excellent communication skills to convey technical concepts effectively and collaborate with cross-functional teams.


Continuous Learning


Aptitude for learning technologies, frameworks, and libraries as necessitated by product dynamics.



Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment and adapt to evolving technologies and business needs.


PS: The follow set of tech skills are mandatory for this position:

  • Spring Boot
  • Spring JPA (Hibernate)
  • Spring projects for REST and GraphQL
  • Reactor library
  • XML / JSON libraries
  • PostgreSQL

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Technology Private Limited is an Equal Opportunity Employer and
considers applicants for all positions without regard to race, colour, religion or belief, sex, age,
national origin, citizenship status, marital status, military/veteran status, genetic information,
sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental disability or any other characteristic
protected by applicable laws. We are committed to creating a dynamic work environment that
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Job Segment: Curriculum, Social Media, Publishing, Education, Marketing

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